THe track List


If I was Spotify, what would I play for you first thing Monday morning to get your marketing mojo working?

You may have seen our series of backstage interviews, where we ask our rockstars what tune gets their marketing mojo going on a Monday morning, add to this that each issue is named after a classic album and it was time for us to hit the virtual decks of Spotify and share the good vibes here.

Our pre-launch issue SOUND CHECK got the ball rolling with some classics - Bowie and Tears for Fears from Robert Rose, some inspirational James Taylor from Ted Rubin, Ian Truscott suggested we Be Bold and of course, with a name like Rockstar CMO, it has to be N.E.R.D, from our editorial team.

Our first official issue PROJECT: FUNK DA WORLD has given us gems from the Rather Be the Pope article, adding some Prince and Depeche Mode, going back stage with Darren Guarnaccia we, maybe bravely, drop some Kelly Clarkson and we can't forget the headline act for this issue, Craig Mack, who inspired us to bring a brand New Flava to Ya Ear.  

The second issue, THE AGE OF CONSTENT left us with some classic 80's Bronski Beat rattling around our heads, so the team selected Small Town Boy to represent that album.

Issue 3, OK COMPUTER featured an article Paranoid Android, so that track was a no brainer and John Andrews suggested we rock out to "I just want to celebrate" by Rare Earth a great tune to kick off a marketing Monday. 

As a set list for the party that is a Monday morning in marketing, it's short and sweet right now, but we hope it gets you going.