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Project: Funk Da World Issue

May 2018



Welcome to the May issue of Rockstar CMO. If we consider the last issue a soundcheck, this is it folks, night one of the tour.

We’ve decided to name each issue after classic album titles. Cute right? I suggested 1994’s Project: Funk Da World by Craig Mack. And while there was a strong argument that it’s not considered a classic, it does feature ‘Flava in Ya Ear’. And like Mr. Mack, we’re intent on “bringing a brand new flava in ya ear”. 

In any case, it was my round, so welcome to the Funk Da World issue!  

What we didn't argue about was the quality of the articles, featuring Ted Rubin, Robert Rose, Virgil Abloh, Tristan Walker, plus all the regular Rockstar antics you’ve come to expect.

Enjoy! The Editor.


Backstage With DArren G

Darren Guarnaccia has worked in digital marketing for the last 20 years, developing customer engagement strategies and experiences that customers actually, well, want. We sat down with the Lytics chief marketing officer to discuss storytelling, how to give your customers real value, and why quality trumps quantity. Read more...

Ted Tells it Straight

Our resident rockstar inspires us to follow our path and has a stark warning for retail.

You know how rockstars have this reputation for throwing stuff from the hotel window into the pool? Well, we’ll be throwing all the crap, bullshit acronyms, empty fads and snake oil of marketing straight into the Rockstar CMO swimming pool.

This month, inspired by Ted, Ian Truscott is heaving retargeting – and all those annoying (and slightly creepy) digital ads – over the balcony. Read more...


Beyond trendy pop-ups, #foodporn and fawning whisky adverts, food and drink has its own wild ones. Gareth May takes a bite out of the mavericks’ cookbook and finds out how to really market taste. Read More...


I'd Rather Be the Pope

Forget chasing the zeitgeist, says Ian Truscott. Have faith in your product. Trust your product. And figure out who your story is going to help – and how. Read more...

We admit, we were tempted to throw the much hyped 'storytelling' into the Rockstar CMO swimming pool, but Robert Rose puts us straight. Read more...

Here comes the brand new flava in ya ear.
Time for new flava in ya ear.
I’m kickin’ new flava in ya ear.
— Craig Mack, Flava In Ya Ear