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Rockstar CMO is a new voice in the marketing industry. Our jam is to share big marketing opinions and ideas undiluted with business speak, to create and share stuff that people really give a crap about, and give some daytime airtime to those that might otherwise be on late night marketing radio. 

We don’t bombard your inbox with any old bollocks, we let others chase the bandwagon. Instead, we publish stories on a monthly basis – letting the hype die down before breaking down what it all really means. 

No jargon, no bullshit.

Rockstar CMO is an independent online magazine created in partnership with censhare AG.

You can’t just say it, man. You’ve gotta feel it in your blood and guts! If you wanna rock!
— Dewey Finn. School of Rock



John Andrews - Christine Bailey - Maude Churchill - Helene Dancer - Oliver Foster - Darren Guarnaccia - Stephen Kelly - Amie Knights - Gareth May - Amber Osborne - Casey Peterson - Robert Rose - Ted Rubin - Misia Tramp - Andre Van Loon -Tristan Walker - Dave Waller - Tom Wentworth - Jenni Young

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Rockstar CMO takes a broader, slightly controversial and a somewhat blasphemous view of the marketing  industry, so the stories and opinions shared here do not necessarily reflect the views of all of our writers or our sponsors (although we bloody well hope so). 


Some rockstars have a bad reputation for not following the rules, but nobody wants their marketing buzz killed by spam. We will only use the data shared on this website and described here for the purposes of the Rockstar CMO online publication and newsletter.

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